CLIENT: Bayer - Supradyn
PROJECT TASKS: Concept, Design, Illustration, Packaging
MEDIUM: Brand Book










Supradyn is a leading multivitamin brand with a strong global footprint.

The brief was to create a brand book with clear strategic and creative guidance for the global markets that originate the work.

The Supradyn Brand Book was designed and inspired by the brand’s positioning: ‘Unlocks inner energy potential.’I started by unlocking the individual elements of the Supradyn logo, transforming them to create a series of visually-arresting, graphic images and grounding the strategic thinking into a practical branded space.

From there, the book evolved and came to life through the use of various textures and printing styles, carefully selected to reflect natural light and energy. 

By incorporating tactile elements such as heat-activated surfaces and reflective finishes, the user is encouraged to interact with the book and ‘unlock’ the Supradyn brand in their own way.