Ryman Eco

AGENCY: Grey London
PROJECT TASKS: Typography, Design.
MEDIUM: Font Design
Credits: Dan Rhatigan (Monotype)

Responsible Production & Consumption 2016








The World's most beautiful Sustainable Font

I worked together with Dan Rhatigan (Monotype) to design and create Ryman Eco. 
The World's most beautiful Sustainable Font.

The entire concept for Ryman Eco is about the final print experience and finding the perfect balance between saving ink, legibility and aesthetics. 

To encourage enough interest so that people would want to use the font, we needed to make something that would be visually interesting at a close look or a large size, but useful and effective for everyday printed text. We looked at how our eyes and brains compensate by filling in ‘missing’ areas and how much of a character we can remove before we lose the sense of its form. Then we pushed the character forms to make them even more interesting and distinctly Ryman without using more ink. 

Ryman Eco's characters are made up of fine key lines rather than a single solid stroke. At display size, the gaps in these letters are visible but at 8, 9 or 10pt, they are filled by ink splatter or bleeding, making it look like a normal serif.

In tests carried out using Monotype's Font Explorer Pro tool, Ryman Eco used around 30 per cent less ink than Arial, Times New Roman, Georgia and Verdana. It also uses considerably less ink than the leading sustainable brand and is more aesthetically pleasing than its rivals.

You can download Ryman Eco for free at http://www.rymaneco.co.uk